An enogastronomic flight from Canada to Calabria

Logo GemellaggioFrom the St. Pius X Culinary Institute in Montreal to the Hotel and catering school in Calabria

Italia / CanadaWith the support of the Municipal Administration of Soverato, the Association of Cooks of the Province of Catanzaro (APCC) will host in Soverato a group of students from the St. Pius X Culinary Institute in Montreal. They are going to carry out a training period together a cooking class about Mediterranean and regional cooking, within the agreement made with the English Montreal School Board.

The project will start officially on the 24th of April, when the first twenty students will arrive along with a delegation of teachers and principals of the Canadian Institute. They will stay at the Hotel Gli Ulivi until the 9th of May. The APCC prepared a rich program for them. The students will work in restaurants and hotels in Soverato and in the environs.

Furthermore, there will be didactic visits to typical restaurants and regional enogastronomic companies. During these visits some Chefs of the APCC will give theorical/practical lessons on the main local specialties and on the importance of the Mediterranean diet in order to protect one’s health. The quality of the Mediterranean products will be highlighted, as well as their use in the so-called “cooking of the heart“, that is, eating habits and use of enogastronomic products that make the local cooking an antidote for some heart pathologies.

The program also includes cultural and leisure activities, such as visits to historically and artistically interesting towns: Squillace and the archeological Park in Roccelletta; Catanzaro and the Park of Biodiversity; Serra S. Bruno and the Monastery; Badolato; S. Caterina Sullo Ionio; Guardavalle; Stilo.

The agreement also includes the creation of a Master Degree in Calabrese and Mediterannean Cuisine in Montreal, carried out by the chefs of the APCC. This course is addressed not only to the students and the teachers of the Canadian Culinary Institute, but also to the Italian cooks that are supporters of our cuisine in Canada. In this way we want to create a great Gluttony Itinerary that brings the products of our land on the Canadian tables.

We believe that this project is of commercial, cultural and touristic importance and it helps promoting the image of Calabria, in particular of the Province of Catanzaro and Soverato, famous for its typical Red hot chilli pepper and the Hippocampus. We hope that the positive effects and results regarding commerce and tourism will continue to grow in the future.

By Emanuele Benvenuto

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